Our terms and conditions

LICENCE: All students must be in possession of a signed Provisional Driving Licence for Group B Cars on commencement of the training.

GENERAL CONDUCT: All our instructors are bound by a professional code of conduct. Your instructor will be courteous, polite, tidy and punctual. He or she will also behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. Your instructor’s car will be well maintained, clean and tidy. All cars used by our Driving school are fitted with dual-controls as part of their standard equipment. The cars are of course fully insured for driving tuition. There Is a no smoking policy in all cars.

INSURANCE: All fees include student cover whilst driving the School vehicle, (provided the student is licensed to drive) and is accompanied by an instructor or on a Driving Test with an approved Examiner(s).

CANCELLATIONS: The School requires a minimum of 48 HOURS notice if students wish to cancel a scheduled hourly lesson. A minimum of 14 days notice is required if students wish to cancel an intensive or semi-intensive driving course. The School reserve the right to charge the full lesson/course fee if the above periods of notice are not given and if the cancellation will result in loss of earnings. If a driving lesson is pre-arranged with an instructor, full lesson must be attended unless cancelled in full within the appropriate cancellation period. If a student fails to arrange any prepaid driving lessons, for more than 90 days from the date of their purchase, they will automatically forfeit said lessons and/or tests and; will not be entitled to a refund. Please note, all driving instructors are self employed persons subcontracted to Example Driving School and as such, any refunds, where applicable, are to be sought directly from them and not Example Driving School.

SAFETY: If, in the view of the Instructor, the student is unfit to carry out the lesson safely; due to self-induced circumstances (e.g. Alcohol, Drugs or lack of sleep) a cancellation charge will apply.

PUNCTUALITY: In their own interests, students are advised to be punctual for their lesson appointments. All such appointments should be recorded. The instructor would normally wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before the lesson would be abandoned and the lesson fee forfeited or become due for payment. A reciprocal waiting time may become necessary if the Driving Instructor is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Any lesson time lost as a result of this would be made up by the instructor either at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later date. Any such shortfall will be recorded.

INTRODUCTORY OFFERS: The introductory offers are for those who have never driven a car before. Only one per person.

PAYMENTS: We accept payment by Cash or Credit Card (On the website). Advance payment lessons are accepted on the understanding that no refunds will be given. Intensive driving courses are subject to a minimum booking deposit. Block bookings must be paid in full on the day of your 1st block lesson. Failure to pay the full amount will result in no discount.

COURSEWORK PAPERS ETC: All question papers, handouts, books, C.D. ROMs and relevant materials remain the property of the School.(If not returned on request a fee will be charged). Driving courses/lessons may involve working breaks away from the tuition vehicle,(to discuss progress look at lesson plans etc).

THE DRIVING TEST: The school reserves the right to withhold the training vehicle if, in the Instructors opinion; the student has not reached the required standard. The student will be expected to pass at least one mock test before being allowed to use the school car for their practical test . The school cannot be held responsible for test appointments being postponed or cancelled by the DVSA. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any failure of light bulbs, etc. before or during the DVSA test. All bulbs/lights, etc. will be checked with the candidate at the test centre prior to the DVSA test.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: The School accepts no liability for personal property that is left in any training vehicle.

MOBILE PHONES: All students should ensure that mobile phones are switched off, prior to entering the tuition vehicle, It can be a big distraction when it goes off.